Truck Tuning for Fuel Economy and Fleet Tuning Services

Truck Tuning for Fuel Economy and Fleet Tuning Services

With the ever high fuel prices we are getting more and more requests for truck tuning and HGV tuning for fuel economy from all over the world, with trucks often returning only 4-5mpg of fuel economy improvements in fuel economy from tuning can have huge significant savings to the bottom line of operating costs.

Paramount offers a full range of truck and fleet tuning services aimed at Trucks, HGV, and lorry applications, all our truck tuning software and programs are developed in house and are bespoke for the customers requirements, so we can cater for your vehicles use, weight, age and mileage.

All truck manufactures can be covered, including Scania tuning, Mercedes Trucks, Man Tuning, Daf, Renault trucks, Volvo Trucks and many many more.

If you are interested in Truck tuning, economy tuning and truck engine tuning please let us know. We are here to help, please see or mail us at

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