Ferrari 458 Italia

Akrapovic Ferrari 458 Exhaust - Akrapovic Ferrari Exhaust System

Akrapovic Ferrari 458 Exhaust - Akrapovic Ferrari Exhaust System

The Ferrari 458 Italia is one of the most impressive road-going cars, with its lightweight construction, technical innovations, and 570 bhp, it’s an amazing machine. Add a Akrapovic Ferrari 458 Exhaust made from titanium for even more power, reduced weight, and an enhanced sporty sound. The Akrapovic Ferrari 458 Exhaust dualmode exhaust valves and a triple exit 458 exhaust system that delivers crisp but subdued sound at low rpm, and at higher rpm it fully unleashes an incredible deep sporty sound from the F1-inspired, high-revving Ferrari 458 V8. Complete the look with a set of three exquisite carbon fibre Akrapovic Ferrari 458 Exhaust tailpipes.

Further tuning opportunities and even more aggressive sound are available with the Akrapovic Ferrari 458 titanium link pipe set with high-flow Akrapovic Ferrari 458 catalytic converters. When installing Akrapovič aftermarket optional down pipes with sports catalytic converters or without catalytic converters, which are developed for use on closed tracks only, remapping the ECU is mandatory. When installing Akrapovič aftermarket exhaust system that was developed for use on closed tracks, we recommend remapping the ECU.

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Price: 5879.00

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