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Alientech Kess V2 Truck Cables -Full set of Truck cables

Alientech Kess V2 Truck Cables Full set of all Alientech Truck Cables.

If you are operating the Alientech Kess V2 tuning system and are tuning trucks and HGV's, you will need the Alientech Kess Truck cables. This Alientech Kess V2 trucks cable set will work with the Alientech Kess V2 master and Alientech Kess slave tuning tools with truck protocols active. If you need the truck protocols adding to your kess tuning system, please mail us as we can assist you

Alientech Kess V2 Truck tuning files and tuning training to write your own ecu remapping and tuning files are also available. Please ask for further information if you need help.
Price: 1600.00

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