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Alientech Training 3 day truck / tractor tuning training course

Alientech Training 3 day truck / tractor tuning training course

Alientech Training three day truck and tractor tuning training course, this course is held in the UK in small groups of just 2 or 3 typically, this specific course is for Alientech truck tuning and tractor tuning based on the Alientech ECM tuning software.

In the 3 day course we will cover the art of heavy oil engine tuning, for diesel truck engines and tractor tuning applications, the Alientech Training 3 day truck and tractor tuning course will cover ecu remapping and tuning for power, performance and torque, and specifically we will cover truck and tractor tuning for fuel economy as well as performance.

If you are looking to learn how to write and develop tractor tuning files and truck tuning files this is the course for you, international students are welcome, and hotel and travel arrangements can be made for you. And if you don't have your Alientech ECM tuning software yet, we can arrange truck and tractor software to be available for your training so you can try, learn and test before you buy your own version of the Alientech ECM tuning file software.

If you are looking Alientech software or tuning tools, we can offer great discounts to attending students who learn to tune and remap with us.

All Alientech software, Kess and K-tag tuning tools and equipment is available for you to purchase as aswell as great rates - Please ask for details
Price: 2250.00

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