BMW M2 Milltek Exhaust System - Cat back BMW M2 exhaust system

BMW M2 Milltek Exhaust System 

BMW F87 M2 Milltek Exhaust System, cat back high grade stainless steel exhaust system. As well as the great sound from a Milltek BMW M2 exhaust system, you have to love the look, style and the fitting. That’s right the fitting! Too many after market exhaust systems just don’t fit right. Its not the cars with the Milltek BMW M2 Exhaust System, they fit just like the factory exhaust system, no welder, not 4ft pry bar, no lump hammer required.

Stop Press : If you are in the UK, your new Milltek exhaust could come with 0% finance over 12 months

Buy your Milltek BMW M4 Exhaust System with confidance, its going to be great. Paramount offer Uk fitting and mail order services, so you can come to us, or we can ship your Milltek BMW M2 Exhaust anywhere you are, and if you are out of the EU, your BMW M2 exhaust system can be supplied tax free too –

If you are looking for additional BMW M2 tuning and performance parts mail the team now for more information, including custom dyno tuning and set up on the Paramount rolling road      

Price: 1850.00

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