BMW M2 Tuning and ECU Remapping

BMW M2 Tuning and ECU Remapping 

BMW M2 tuning and performance tuning can be applied for all different versions of the BMW M2. The team here at Paramount can carry out custom tuning and ECU remapping of your BMW M2 to guarantee that its always running at its best! The aim of our tuning package is to give you a real sense of power with a quick sharp throttle response and a strong pull across the whole rev range. If you’re worried your BMW M2 has lost some of its performance then worry no more, with this tuning package you’ll be sure to be left with a smile on your face. Many versions of the BMW M2 can have ECU remapping carried out quickly through the diagnostic port giving you that easy fix to get more out of your M2.

Price: 599.00

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