AP Brake Upgrades

BMW M3 / M5 AP Brake Upgrade – BMW M brake upgrade

BMW M3 / M5 AP Brake Upgrade – BMW M brake upgrade

BMW M3 brake upgrades and BMW M5 Brake upgrades and big brake kits. – With the BMW M3 being a brilliant all-rounder, it’s not common for many BMW M3 drivers to find the standard BMW M3 brakes have limits, whether it’s a fast road or M3 track day monster, a little extra stopping power is always a good thing. The BMW M3 AP racing complete front brake setup will satisfy both needs in one package. We can spec your perfect BMW M3 big brake kit with just the right pads for your M3’s application with a massive range of different options available for BMW M3 disc size & groove design, bell & calliper colour and 4 or 6 pot pistons.

The BMW M3 and M5 AP brake upgrade is a great option, but please do let us know if you need any advice or have other thoughts or needs. Mail order and BMW M3 brake kit fitting also available

Due to the nature of the brake options and specifications, the kit price may vary, we would suggest contacting us so we can cover your needs in greater details and build the big brake kit that works for you and BMW
Price: £2500.00

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