BMW M3 tuning and BMW 335i engine tuning system - BMW Turbo

BMW M3 tuning and BMW 335i engine tuning system

If you are looking for tuning for you BMW M3 or 3 series BMW 335i tuning but either don’t want to open the ecu, or cant find a tuning solution Paramount Performance have the solution for your BMW 335i or M3 turbo tuning , our plug in BMW 3 series tuning modules. These plug and play BMW 335i and M3 tuning and remapping system does not change the original BMW ecu software, but works alongside it offering additional tuning of your BMW 335i without the need to reprogram the ECU. The tuning is fantastic, boosting power of your BMW M3 or 335i by 35-40bhp instantly - and at service time you can simply unplug it and refit after, there is no way this BMW tuning system can be over written at service time.

We offer free fitting of our BMW 335i and BMW M3 tuning systems, and they can be shipped anywhere in the world, pre-set up and ready to just plug in once your receive it.
Our BMW 335i tuning systems are in fact available for nearly all BMW vehicles, both petrol and diesel – if in doubt give us a call or drop us a mail and we will be happy to help

Price: £450.00

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