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Paramount Performance Bentley Performance and Tuning Specialists


Paramount Performance has been carrying out car engine tuning conversions and styling enhancements on performance cars since 1986. Paramount are established Bentley tuning and Bentley performance parts specialists, as well as tuning, Bentley  remapping and Bentley Engine tuning to increase power, Paramount also offer a range of performance upgrades and exhaust systems for the range of Bentley vehicles



Paramount's workshops are equipped with the best 4X4 2400bhp rolling road and state of the art car ECU remapping and chip tuning software. Bentley tuning and remapping carried out includes the full range of current Bentley vehicles.


Paramount has developed a selection of performance tuning packages for your Bentley. Improved driveability and better throttle response help enhance the luxurious and effortless driving experience. Horsepower and torque is increased with a vast improvement of in-gear acceleration and smoothness of power delivery.


Paramount offer tuning packages for:

- Bentley Arnage 6.75 litre V8 Biturbo

- Bentley Continental

- Bentley Flying Spur

- Bentley Continental GT.


Bentley Exhaust Systems


With over 20 years’ experience, Paramount Performance is renowned specialists in high-performance exhaust systems. We have a range of performance exhaust systems for Bentley vehicles with superior quality, sound, fit and warranty


We will be happy to help with any enquiry please mail us at

Bentley Continental GT GTC Coupe Performance Upgrade Package and ECU Tuning

Refinement and pure luxury are at the core of the Bentley name. At Paramount, we can add performance to that list with our Bentley Continental GT GTC Coupe upgrades and Bentley ECU remapping package.

We focus on creating a custom feel without sacrificing the prestige feel of your Bentley Continental GTC Coupe.

Exhaust rear silencers / mufflers are replaced for Bentley Continental GTC stainless steel, sports silencers with a subtly deeper exhaust note and a weight saving of over 8kgs.

To complement the new exhausts Viezu Technologies offer a tuning solution for the Bentley GTC Coupe ECU that will allow the engine to perform better, giving you, the driver a more exciting and fulfilling driving experience.

At Paramount Performance we offer a complete tuning solution for your Bentley Continental GTC Coupe. Please call and speak to our team if you require these components fitted or if you have any special needs, we are on hand to help.

Choose the best… Choose Paramount Performance!

Prices from £1795.00 + VAT (mail order package)

*limiter deactivation is subject to vehicle type.

If you want the total package for your Bentley Continental GTC Coupe Paramount Performance offer suspension, brake and other performance upgrades. Contact us for more details.

Price: 1795.00

Let us show you

what we can do for your car
Or You Can Call Us

+44 (0) 1789 774444