Car Tuning Training Courses


Car Tuning and Remap Training, Courses and Classes

Paramount Performance has thirty years’ worth of tuning experience and expertise ready to share with you, offering the industry car tuning tools, remap software, support and tuning training for both petrol and diesel vehicles.

Our car tuning classes and remapping training programes can be further custom-tailored to cover specific fields of interest in any area of vehicle and car tuning, chip tuning and ecu remapping. Master providers of Alientech tuning tools, support and training, as well as EVC WinOLs training courses and software. online car tuning courses available by appointment. 

Alientech Tuning tools and software available with international shipping and mail order, tax free subject to location.

Our tuning courses and training classes include:

  • Gasoline and diesel engine tuning
  • Reading and writing of the software from the vehicle
  • Calibration software - how it works, what it does and extras associated
  • How sensors on the engine relate to the maps in the calibration software
  • Ignition, fuel, torque, throttle, map etc.
  • Modification of maps and tables
  • Functions of tables AND customised tuning
  • Supercharger and Turbo tuning and mapping
  • O2, EGR and DPF delete
  • BDM
  • Chip changing and soldering for alternative programing methods
  • Data logging and emission testing on a dyno
  • Performance and fuel economy tuning
  • A master class for complete customised mapping functions, based on your specific requirements are also available

We also stock and supply a huge range of tuning tools, hardware and remapping software, including:

  • Alientech tuning tools
  • Kess V2 Master / Salve 
  • ECM Map writing software - (Training available)
  • K-tag Master / Salve 
  • Dimsport Genius
  • Race 2000
  • CMD car tuning tool
  • OBD tuning
  • EVC WinOls Tuning software
  • EVC WinOls training courses
  • Bench Tricore upgrades


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