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Diesel Remap, Tuning Boxes and Diesel Car Tuning

Diesel engines are particularly tuneable for increases in economy and power tuning and MPG tuning, especially developed for fuel economy and fuel economy. Paramount can also supply and fit a range of diesel tuning boxes, tune it, diesel TDi tuning boxes, programmable diesel tuning boxes, (DPT diesel tuning boxes) piggy back diesel power tuning boxes, tunit diesel units, digital pd tuning boxes, rapid tuning solutions and plug and play performance diesel tuning boxes suitable for a very wide range of applications.

Paramount Performance also specialise in engine tuning conversions and ecu remap tuning for power and economy tuning. As well as a range of DPT, and tunit diesel tuning boxes, Paramount can carry out ECU remapping especially aimed at MPG tuning, fuel saving, fuel reduction tuning and engine economy tuning, (Engine chipping fuel economy) this can offer both strong increases in fuel economy, whilst still offering diesel power and torque. ECU chip tuning is suitable for a very wide range of applications, including 4x4 tuning, (Range Rover tuning specialists) Taxi economy tuning, van tuning and commercial vehicles.

Diesel tuning boxes can be very useful for a number of applications, but tuning boxes are particularly useful where easy installation is required, or where dyno testing and dyno tuning may not be suitable, i.e. commercial tuning, HGV tuning, lorry, tractor tuning and van tuning, where an "in the field" tuning solution is required, or where the owner / driver may require to return the vehicle back to standard easily and without a garage trip.


There are many number of diesel tuning boxes in the market, including programmable diesel tuning boxes, diesel TDi tuning boxes, piggy back tuning boxes, digital pd tuning boxes, and plug and play performance tuning boxes. Unfortunately like many things, with diesel tuning boxes you get what you pay for.

Some of the low budget cheap tuning boxes work on a simple analogue process, they run on primitive electronics which manipulate the control signals by multiplying the analogue signal by a certain value. The analogue unit's can be quite hit & miss though, and can cause uneven and poor delivery of power and torque. The results are often a medium performance increase, no or even reduced MPG performance, and sometimes a lot of black smoke.


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