EVC WinOls Tuning Training

EVC WinOls Tuning Training Course 3 days Diesel WinOls Training

EVC WinOls Tuning Training Course 3 days Diesel WinOls Training (includes the day one session)

The 3 days EVC WinOls Tuning Training Course is the full detailed course for those wanting to use the EVR WinOls tuning software in their business to write Diesel tuning and ecu remapping files. You will learn how to use the EVC Winols software to its full potential, the detail of writing diesel tuning files from scratch creating WinOls map packs, identifying the elements of the ecu files, low to locate them, change and upgrade them for many applications including tuned and modified diesel vehicle, as well as fuel economy tuning software.

Our WinOls master tuners and map writers will take you step by step through software over the 3 days, you will learn to write tuning files with winOls under close supervision, in a small dedicated group, tuning training cars are available for you to practice on, and throughout the EVC WinOls Tuning Training Course you will get to test your development on the rolling road to ensure your learning is complete EVC WinOls software is available for sale (training will only take place on authorised and genuine software) And we can also supply you with tuning tools, equipment and complete set up and training if required.

Price: 2250.00

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