Forge Mini R56 Intercooler Kit - Alloy Upgraded Mini Intercooler R56

Forge Mini R56 Intercooler Kit - Alloy Upgraded Mini Intercooler R56  

This Forge Mini R56 intercooler kit is the perfect solution whether you are losing power on a modified Mini R56 through higher intake temperatures. Whilst the original Mini R56 Intercooler is good, once you modify your Mini R56 you really need to keep the air-intake temperature down to get the best out of your Mini R56, your tuning and modifications.

This fantastic Forge Mini R56 Intercooler is manufactures to the very highest standards, its designed to give greater thermal reductions on Mini R56’s running a tuned and remapped software or those running a little more extreme upgrades like larger Mini R56 turbochargers.

The Forge Mini R56 Font Mounting Intercooler kit not only boost performance but look like a stunning work of art, in fact you may want to order two, done for your car and one to have framed for your office wall  

Forge Mini R56 Intercooler kit - everything that you will need for the best possible installation is included within the supplied kit. If you need assistance please mail us at




Price: 385.00

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