Jaguar F Type

Jaguar F Type Rear Light Tinting Service

Jaguar F Type Rear Light Tinting Service

Jaguar Light Tinting: No longer the territory of the 1990’s boy racer, rear light tinting when professionally done can add a really cool and smart look to the rear of your Jaguar. The Jaguar light tinting can be applied in a number of layers, giving you the choice of darkness to you tint, from light smoke to black, the choice is yours. Totally reversible, the tint we use can be removed at any time with no lasting effect or damage to the light unit, giving the next owner the choice to keep it or revert to boring stock.

Due to the need to apply the light tint directly to the vehicle, this product is not available mail order, but only in our Jaguar service and maintenance workshop in the Uk

Price: 120.00

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