Jaguar S Type

Jaguar S Type Exhaust - 2.7 ltr Turbo Diesel Stainless Steel Sports Exhaust Rear Boxes

Jaguar S Type 2.7 ltr Turbo Diesel            ..                Stainless Steel Sports Performance Rear Exhaust Boxes

How your Jaguar S-Type should have sounded the first time you drove it!

Replacement large bore rear exhaust system with large rolled edged oval pipes.

The Paramount Jaguar S Type 2.7 ltr Turbo Diesel   exhaust was designed and developed out of pure passion, with a deeper more meaningful exhaust tone  

The Paramount Jaguar S Type 2.7 ltr Turbo Diesel  exhaust possibly the best present you have brought yourself (after your Jaguar of course)

Price: 595.00

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