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Jaguar XE Air Filter - High Performance Air Filter Jaguar XE 3.0 Supercharged V6

Jaguar XE Air Filters - High performance fair filters for the V6 Jaguar XE

A pair of high performance a filters for the Jaguar XE V6 supercharged engine, the V6 XE takes two filters, so this package includes both left and right XE air filters.

Our Jaguar XE V6 air filters increase air flow by up to 30%, giving improved throttle responce and mid range pull, they also have a lifetime warranty, requiring only routine servicing (cleaning) rather than replacement these are cost effective too. Our jaguar XE air filters can be fitted on their own, or they make a great addition to a tuning paclkage or supercharger pulley upgrade.

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Price: 98.00

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