Jaguar XF

Jaguar XFR Tyres Pirelli P Zero 255/35/R20 (Jaguar XF Front Tyres)

Jaguar XFR Tyres – Pirelli P Zero 255/35/R20 (Jaguar XF Front Tyres)

The Pirelli P Zero tyre was fitted as standard to the Jaguar XFR. The Pirelli P Zero as fitted to the Jaguar XFR has an asymmetric profile, and has been designed specifically for sports cars and mid-range cars just like your XFR. The Jaguar XFR Pirelli P Zero provides excellent grip on roads in summer, and maximum handling stability, just what you need once your Jaguar XFR has been tuned a little by us. If you like to drive at higher speeds, the Jaguar XF fitted Pirelli P Zero 255/35/r20 tyre really delivers due to the three ditched profile that gives great traction and performance – that’s why it comes as standard on your Jaguar XFR. If you want to move away from the standard fitted Jaguar XF Pirelli P Zero, we can offer a range of alternative Jaguar XF tyres, mail us if we can help help with anything.

Free fitting and balancing available at Paramount – or mail order is also available. We also offer free wheel, tyre and brake checks – call, or mail now for an appointment

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Price: 140.59

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