Jaguar XK 2006 -

Jaguar XK de-cat pipes, catalytic Converter delete pipes (Software available)

Jaguar XK De-cat Catalytic Converter delete pipes (with software option)   

If you choose to remove and delete the catalytic converters from your Jaguar XK – Jaguar De-cat Paramount is unique in that this service can be offered. High grade stainless steel Jaguar De-cat pipes are available to remove the catalytic converter from your car completely.

In addition Paramount can offer Jaguar De-cat software to deactivate the warning lamps associated with Jaguar – De-cat and removing the catalytic converters from your car. The De-cat software can be installed or loaded on to the Paramount DIY home installation tuning system – so you can deactivate your jaguar catalytic converters without coming into the Paramount workshops

Price here is shown for just the jaguar XK De-cat pipes – other models can also be covered

Price: 599.00

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