Jaguar XK 2006 -

Jaguar XK exhaust conversion to a XKR look (rear exhaust only) quad exhaust system.


Jaguar XK exhaust conversion to a XKR look (rear exhaust only)  quad exhaust system.

Turn your Jaguar XK into a Jaguar XKR look, with a great deep V8 exhaust sound too, this conversion includes rear exhaust box with beefy larger than standard quad trims, rear bumper conversion and body colour panel painted to match your car perfectly.

All parts of this conversion can be supplied mail order where ever you are in the world, or we can arrange fitting here in the UK.

Turn you XK into a little bit more of the driving pleasure and sound you were looking for – let Paramount release the horses of your Jaguar XK.  

Click Here for a sound clip:

cars, including the Jaguar XK exhaust system.  

Paramount home of the custom performance Jaguar XK and XKR exhaust system, Jaguar XK exhaust mufflers and Jaguar XK tuning parts    

Price: 1350.00

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