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Jaguar XKR 4.2 Tuning Home tuning, switchable mail order tuning system

Jaguar XKR 4.2 Tuning – Home switchable mail order tuning system

Paramount has a great range of Jaguar XKR and XK 4.2 tuning and remapping, previously our Jaguar Tuning 4.2 engine tuning had to be carried out at our workshops, ok if you are local to us, but not so ideal if you are on the other side of the, the great news no though is we can supply our Jaguar XKR Home tuning system mail order to our Jaguar customers anywhere in the world.

So we we can tune your XKR where ever you are! – custom tuning and mapping has never been easier, just plug in and upload the tuning setting or your choice and return to standard at any time too - Full Uk help and support line is open 7 days a weeks too

Our Jaguar XKR 4.2 tuning is very effective, delivering 25bhp (XK) and around 40bhp on the supercharged XKR 4.2 and great throttle response. We can also amend and adjust your Jaguar XKR tuning to take account of your modification, or tuning packages, i.e 200 cell racing cats, high performance air filters, supercharger upgrades, exhaust systems etc.   

International mail order, and tax free sales subject to location, UK supply and fitting also available

Price: 599.00

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