Jaguar XF

Jaguar XF Supercharger pulley crank Larger XF 5.0 Supercharger pulley kit (XJR too)

XF Supercharger pulley crank – Larger XF 5.0 Supercharger pulley kit, fits XJR too

Unique and exclusively available from Paramount Performance is our Jaguar XF Supercharger crank pulley kit, a larger XF engine crankshaft pulley, increasing supercharger performance and boost pressures for a great lift in performance, throttle response and power. The pulley is 15% larger than stock

This Jaguar XF and XJR Supercharger crank pulley will boost performance hugely, though please be aware, it must be combined with our larger supercharger cooler (show in the picture) and  upgraded software, it cannot be fitted  on its own, combined these upgrades and tuning will deliver guaranteed thrills 

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Price: 1350.00

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