Land Rover Discovery Lowering Suspension Height Adaptation Programming Lower Or Lift Your Discovery

Land Rover Discovery Lowering Suspension Entry Height Adaptation Programming - Lower Or Lift Your Discovery

Why not give your Land Rover Discovery a more aggressive look on the road or better ground clearance for more demanding terrain.

Paramount Performance are pleased to announce the addition of suspension ride height, sometimes called entry height for Land Rover Discovery 3 and Discovery 4 models to our product lineup.

Our method of altering the ride height does not involve fitment of lowering links as offered by some companies, instead making the adaptation through the vehicles own control system.

Land Rovery Discovery or Disco 3 models are covered from 2004 through to 2009 and Discovery or Disco 4 models covered from 2010 to present day.

Ride height can be raised or lowered in millimeter increments while the control unit still makes changes for minor differences in weight and surface levels. Something that is much more difficult with mechanical adjustable links.

Price: 699.00

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