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Mini Catalytic Converter Sports Cat Add On EML MIL Light Cancel - Straight Micro Cat

When fitting sports cats there is a possibility, depending on how sensitive the ECU is, that the 200 cell catalytyic converters can show a catalyst inneficiency fault code.

The reduced number of cells means a smaller surface area for the conversion of Carbon Monoxide to Carbon Dioxide which the diagnostic lambda sensor can see as inefficient and bring on the MIL lamp or worse send the vehicle into limp mode.

To keep your vehicle running at its best after fitting high flow sports cats we can fit inline micro cats, unlike the lambda spacers many companies offer, these are real catalytic converters on a small scale.

To be fitted between the exhaust and the second OBD lambda or oxygen sensor, a small amount of exhaust gas which has been converted by the sports cats already is passed through the micro cats to undergo further conversion of harmful gasses.

This tells the sensor that the cats are working above the conversion threshold for safe operation.


For "V", "W" and boxer type engined vehicles, 2 mini cats may be required!!!


Price: 45.00

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