Mk7 VW Golf GTI Tuning - Mk 7 Golf GTI tuning and remapping system - Home and mail order tuning

VW Golf GTI Tuning - 2014 Mk 7 Golf Tuning and remapping system - Home and mail order tuning

Paramount Performance already have an amazing range of VW Tuning and remapping services, the new Mk7 Golf tuning is not yet launched though, and so we offer our amazing simple plug in Mk7 Golf GTi tuning solution.

And so now we can tune your 2013 / 2014 Mk7 Golf GTI where ever you are! – our brand new driver installed VW Golf tuning system enables you to plug in and tune your Golf GTI where ever you are in the world, and at service time you simply unplug it and leave it at home for the day.

The VW Golf Mk7 GTI tuning is very effective offering up to 35bhp and huge pulling power. Throttle response and midrange power is dramatically improved – its not subtle and is suitable for the home tuning and installation of your Mk7 Golf GTI.

Price: 399.00

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