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Rolls Royce Phantom Tuning and Performance ECU Remapping

Rolls Royce Phantom Tuning and Performance ECU Remapping  

Available from Paramount, custom and bespoke Rolls Royce Phantom tuning, for those who are looking for a little more power and performance - Paramount have the answer. 

Paramount's Rolls Royce Phantom Tuning and engine software upgrades will deliver a wonderfull boost on power and performance across the whole rev range. How will the Paramount Rolls Royce Phantom tuning and remapping feel – Amazing! Delivering a significant boost in throttle response and midrange power that just keep delivering across the rev range.

Rolls Royce Phantom vehilce wrapping, window tuning and other styling and performance upgrades are also available. And we also have a great high performance exhaust system so for those customers wanting a slightly more sporty tone to go with the new performance, its just the thing. 

UK wide collection and delivery service available   

Price: 1800.00

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