AP Brake Upgrades

Seat Leon AP Brake Upgrade Seat Leon brake upgrade

Seat Leon AP Brake Upgrade Seat Leon brake upgrade

Seat Leon AP brake upgrade Seat Leon brake upgrades available now to purchase. Often with the Seat Leon 20v turbo engine version, there is a massive amount of Seat Leon tuning upgrades for this power friendly engine, but all too often one thing is missed - which also happens to be the most important, how do we stop with all this power! We offer a very wide range of Seat Leon Brake Upgrades ranging from a simple disc and pads upgrade to a full blown Seat Leon AP racing 2 piece disc packages with a massive amount of options to satisfy your needs. The Seat Leon brake upgrade is a great option, but please do let us know if you need any advice

Due to the nature of the brake options and specifications, the kit price may vary, we would suggest contacting us so we can cover your needs in greater details and build the big brake kit that works for you and your car. Mail order and Seat big brake kit fitting also available
Price: 2500.00

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