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Akrapovic Audi R8 Exhaust - Akrapovic Audi R8 exhaust system wireless kit  


Complete the look of your Akrapovic Audi R8 Exhaust  with this Akrapovic Audi R8 Exhaust Wireless kit for adjustable sound.

Akrapovic Audi R8 Exhaust sound clip click here:

Price: 359.00

Akrapovic Audi R8 Exhaust - Akrapovic Audi R8 V10 5.2 Exhaust System

What could make the Audi R8 supercar even better? The answer an Akrapovic Audi R8 Exhaust: lower weight, more power, and an unbelievable change in engine sound thanks to this Akrapovič exhaust system. The Akrapovic Audi R8 Exhaust system is Constructed from our unique titanium alloy, the Akrapovic Audi R8 Exhaust is recision-engineered, this Audi R8 performance exhaust provides performance advantages over the stock Audi exhaust and, thanks to the engine placement, weight reductions in the Audi R8’s rear deliver substantially improved handling.

The combination of specialized Akrapovic Audi R8 Exhaust muffler shapes, secondary resonators, and cast titanium dual-mode exhaust valves reduces back pressure and produces an incredible symphony from the Audi R8 V10 engine. Complete the look with a set of two exquisite Akrapovic Audi R8 Exhaust carbon fibre tailpipes. And why not Select the optional Akrapovic Audi R8 Exhaust Wireless kit for adjustable sound.

Akrapovic Audi R8 Exhaust sound clip click here:

Price: 4695.00

Akrapovic Audi RS4 Exhaust - Akrapovic Audi RS4 Avant 2012 Exhaust System  


Akrapovic Audi RS4 Exhaust, Audi’s sports cars are the perfect partner for the precision-engineered titanium alloy Akrapovic Audi RS4 Exhaust systems, which make these Ingolstadt machines even more attractive on all fronts. The Akrapovic Audi RS4 Exhaust will help your Audi RS4 yield more power, lower the weight, and deliver that unmistakable Akrapovič exhaust  sound. It’s deep and resonant at lower engine revs, and sporty at higher revs. The Akrapovic Audi RS4 Exhaust system also generously delivers additional performance.

The Akrapovic Audi RS4  titanium exhaust systems has three mufflers, an X-link pipe, and special parts cast at the in-house foundry feature inbuilt valves to adjust the sound. Valves are connected to the Audi RS’ standard electronics. The Akrapovic Audi RS4 Exhaust package is rounded off by carbon fibre and titanium tailpipes, which really stand out and display the sports spirit of the Akrapovič exhaust. This is a cat-back Akrapovic Audi RS4 performance exhaust system, which means that the stock catalytic converters remain in place and there’s no need to remap the ECU of your Audi RS4  

Akrapovic Audi RS4 Exhaust sound clip click here:

Price: 3995.00

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