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  • Aston Martin Vantage OBD Tuning Tool

    Aston Martin Vantage OBD Tuning Tool


    Our Aston Martin Vantage Tuning and ECU remapping system is available to all Aston Martin Vantage drivers, with this unique Aston martin Vantage tuning system you can tune your Vantage yourself – really it is that easy, where ever you are in the world you can plug into your Aston Martin Vantage and upload a new high-performance tuning file, the Aston martin tuning can be adapted for modification, fuel grade or driver requirement. – international support is standard at Paramount.

    The Aston Martin Vantage  Tuning system is small and portable, we can set the tuning for your Aston Martin tuning, and you can upload any time, its quick, safe and insured – and like all our tuning comes with a 30-day no-quibble guarantee, if you are not delighted with our tuning of your Aston Martin Vantage, simply reset your Vantage to standard and return your Aston Martin tuning system to us within 30 days for a refund. But once you drive your Aston Martin tuned, you are not going to look back!

    Try, test and buy with confidence, the driver operated Paramount Aston Martin Vantage  Tuning tool in stock now!

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  • Aston Martin V8 Vantage Tuning ECU Remapping and Performance

    Aston Martin V8 Vantage ECU Tuning and Performance Parts Package

    Aston Martin, known for their racing pedigree and Paramount Performance with their tuning knowledge: a match that is hard to beat.

    At Paramount Performance we can now offer a tuning package for Aston Martin Vantage V8 (V12 package also available, contact our technical team for details)

    Aston Martin V8 Vantage performance air filters replace the standard paper elements allowing the V8 Engine to increase airflow, 200cpsi catalytic converters and a sports exhaust give an exotic exhaust note to your Aston Martin V8 Vantage. The exhaust system is available with 3 dB ratings from a very slight but sporty increase from standard to a barking, crackling 10dB increase over standard Aston Martin Vantage noise levels, and to finish off our partners at Viezu Technologies will remap your Aston Martin V8 Vantage ECU to optimise the performance gains from the components we supply and also remove the limiter should

    At Paramount Performance we offer a complete tuning solution. Please call and speak to our team if you require these components fitted or if you have any special needs, we are on hand to help.

    Other Aston Martin model tuning is also available. Please contact us with your requirements.

    Choose the best… Choose Paramount Performance!

    Prices from £3495 + VAT (mail order)

    If you want the total package for your vehicle Paramount Performance offer suspension, brake and other performance upgrades. Contact us for more details.

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  • Milltek Aston Martin Vantage Exhaust System with Cats

    Milltek Aston Martin Vantage Exhaust System with mufflers

    FULL Milltek Aston Martin Vantage Exhaust system with Milltek Aston Martin Vantage Catalytic Converters

    The Milltek Aston Martin Vantage exhaust system exhaust and mufflers are the very finest after-market Aston Martin Vantage exhaust systems available. Milltek Aston Martin Vantage exhausts systems are manufactured from high-grade stainless steel

    Paramount offer an unrivalled range of Milltek exhausts systems, including Milltek’s Aston Martin Vantage exhaust, and Milltek Aston Martin Vantage catalytic converters too.

    The Milltek Aston Martin Vantage Exhaust system comes with all clamps and fittings needed and fits the exact high standard as the original exhaust, look, sound and fitting are all of the very highest quality. And Milltek Aston Martin Vantage exhaust systems and mufflers come with a lifetime corrosion warranty too

    The Milltek Aston Martin Vantage performance exhaust systems sound amazing (it’s not just the backbox) It gives a very addictive sports sound, when fitted the Milltek Aston Martin Vantage exhaust system gives a fantastic high-performance tone with a distinctive crackle on overrun, releasing the Aston Martin Vantages true supercar sound.

    A sound clip of Paramount’s Aston Martin Vantage exhaust system can be heard here SOUND CLIP 

    In addition, the Milltek Aston Martin Vantage Exhaust system is 18KGs lighter than the standard one and offers a significant power increase across the mid-range of power as well as improved throttle response.

    Exhaust Systems and Aston Martin Mufflers are available for all Aston Martin cars, if you are not sure, or if you don’t see what you are looking for please e-mail us – we are here to help

    Paramount the home of the Aston Martin Vantage exhaust system and Aston Martin Vantage exhaust muffler and tuning parts

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  • Aston Martin Vanquish Tuning & Remapping

    Aston Martin Vanquish Tuning and ECU remapping – V-Switch ECU Remapping

    Our Aston Martin Vanquish Tuning and ECU remapping V-Switch home tuning system gives you the power to choose your Aston Martin Vanquish tuning, it’s a unique switchable system that allows you, the driver, to choose your Vanquish tuning and change it when you like.

    The Aston Martin Vanquish Tuning V-Switch is a portable, standalone customer based programmer that is truly simple to use and gives you ultimate flexibility in what you want from your Aston Martin Vanquish tuning.

    Designed to be used by the driver in the comfort of their own home it is capable of reading and writing tuning programmes for many different vehicle types including the Aston Martin Vanquish.  Uniquely, it can also store in its memory three different files dedicated to the same car – one original file and two tuned files.

    Aston Martin Vanquish Tuning and ECU remapping from Paramount – a solution for your Aston Martin tuning wherever you are!




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