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Audi TT Engine Tuning - V-Switch Home Tuning and Audi TT ECU Remapping

Audi TT Engine Tuning - V-Switch Home Tuning and Audi TT ECU Remapping
You can tune your cars to your heart's content with the V-Switch allowing you to change the power output of the engine in a matter of minutes.
There are a number of combinations of tune available for each vehicle:
Choose and switch between up to 3 vehicle settings

• Factory original
• Maximum economy
• Power and eco blend
• Maximum power road
• Track and Race-day
• Valet mode (Reduced full power, ideal when you're not behind the wheel!)

V Switch Advantages

Truly simple home tuning

• You can write the original programme before going to your dealer for servicing and inspection
• Unlimited tunes allowed. You can re-programme the ECU of your car as often as you like
• Trouble codes can be read and deleted
• You can re-use the V-switch with your next car, where possible, after selling the old one
• Available via mail order

V Switch really means that you can have your cake and eat it. With a choice of three engine tuning maps at your fingertips, you can switch between vehicle tuning options, and the standard vehicle setting whenever you wish.

How to use a V-switch:

Price: £325.00

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