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  • BMW 335d Quaife Differential Units – E92 / E90

    BMW 335d Quaife Differential units – BMW 335d Limited Slip Differential E92 /E90 

    BMW 335d Quaife Differential units – BMW 335d Limited Slip Differential for the BMW E92 335d – Other 335d models also available

    The BMW 335d QUAIFE differential will prevent loss of drive and traction that occurs with a standard BMW 335d differential wheel slips. Whilst requiring some torque in the slipping wheel, the BMW 335d limited-slip differential QUAIFE Diff unit is progressive in action but does not lock completely – controlled power is transmitted through the limited-slip BMW 335i differential to all the driving wheels. Ideally suited to high powered front-wheel-drive BMW’s,

    QUAIFE BMW 335d differentials are also used in rear and four-wheel drive BMW’s where optimum traction is required. Installation is identical to the normal BMW 335d differential with bearing pre-loads and pinion mesh being restored to the original BMW 335d differential manufacturers’ settings. Servicing of the Quaife BMW 335d differential unit is simple as all gear pinions are free fitting and normal final drive lubrication oils are retained.

    Paramount can supply Quaife differentials for almost all BMW models, if you don’t see what you are looking for please email us

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  • BMW 5 Series Exhaust, 518, 520, 525, 528i 1981 – 1987

    BMW 5 Series Exhaust, 518, 520, 525, and 528i 1981 – 1987 

    Handmade stainless steel BMW 5 Series Exhaust, 518, 520, 525, and 528i vehilces from 1981-1987, please be sure to confirm your exact model, engine and year when placing an order, Paramount offer worldwide shipping and mail order service, and a fitting service too, as well as full BMW restoration services.     

    Paramount's Classic BMW 5 Series Exhaust, (518, 520, 525, 528i ) exhaust systems are handmade in the UK to order, so they do take around 2-3 weeks to be made. Other models, engines and years also available   

    If you are not sure, or need any help, please drop us a mail, we will be ahppy to advise on the correct exhaust system for your BMW 

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  • BMW 335 Engine Tuning – V-Switch Home Tuning 335 ECU Remapping

    BMW 335 Engine Tuning – The V-Switch Home Tuning and 335 Remapping System  

    If you are thinking of tuning your BMW 335, why not do something just a little different and give yourself the ability to turn your tuning on and off when you want, or even crank things up a little with different levels of tuning – the V-Switch Home Tuning gives you the power to choose like never before!

    Paramount BMW Tuning specialists, V-switch tuning device is a unique tuning tool that allows you to change your tuning yourself, so why have a tune when you can have a BMW 335 tuning system which allows you, the driver, to choose your BMW tuning and change it too. The V-Switch is a portable, standalone customer based car tuning system that is nice and easy to use, comes with full instructions, and a UK support and help line should you ever need it, and gives you the ultimate flexibility in what you want from your BMW 335 remapping. Designed to be used by the driver whenever they want, it is capable of reading and writing remapping and tuning programmes for many different vehicle types, your BMW 335 included.

    Uniquely, it can hold 5 different 335 tuning files dedicated to the same car – the original tuning, and 4 tuned files as well,  Most Petrol and Diesel Vehicles from 2002 – 2019 can be tuned, but there are some exceptions, please mail us to find out more if in doubt.

    Paramount Performance your BMW tuning specialists

  • Armytrix BMW M3 / M4 Exhaust system cat back

    Armytrix BMW M3 / M4 Exhaust system

    Armytrix BMW M3 / M4 exhaust systems supplied and fitted by Paramount Performance. New BMW G80 and G83 exhaust systems. Paramount are the approved Armytrix UK dealers, and unlike many exhaust and performance upgrade suppliers, Paramount also offer a full fitting service to if required. The fitting of the Armytrix exhaust systems is a little more complexed than some “simpler” systems on the market because of the app control…. see more….