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BMW M 140i tuning - BMW Tuning

BMW M 140i tuning - BMW Tuning

BMW Tuning, BMW M140I tuning and ecu remapping

Paramount offer a full range of BMW Tuning, the full range of BMW cars can be tuned, the BMW M140I is especially tuneable, and we have one ourselves too. The BMW M140 tuning is dramatically potent, delivering huge gains on power, torque and throttle response.

Paramount’s BMW M140i tuning is customer and bespoke, dyno developed and tested in house.  We can adjust and optimise for any modifications you have fitted to your BMW, exhaust system, 200cell cats tech, or simply make the very best and most of the stock set up.

Paramount’s BMW M140i tuning can be tailored to your specific needs, including track day and full on motorsport set up, or very popular the fast road tuning set up.

If you are looking for tuning and ecu remapping that will have you grinning for months, drop us a mail, we are here to help, and if you would like to test our BMW M140I tuning – all tuning and ecu remapping comes with a 30 day money back trial – so come and see just how fast we can make your BMW  

Price: 399.00

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