• BMW F80M3/F82M4 iPE titanium exhaust system

    The BMW F80M3/F82M4 iPE titanium exhaust system really does have the best of both worlds, maintaining a minimum weight whilst providing you with a huge sound that needs to be heard! With iPEs trademark Valvetronic Muffler, the cars original actuators are used to control the Valves. The BMW F80M3/F82M4 iPE titanium exhaust system is extremely lightweight, weighing only 13.07 Kg! That’s 50% less than the stock exhaust, saving you another 13.07 Kgs! This lighter weight at the rear of the car allows for both improved handling and performance. The BMW F80M3/F82M4 iPE titanium exhaust system allows provides you with an extra 22.3 BHP and an extra 26.5 Nm of torque, giving you that extra edge this car deserves! The team at iPE have specifically designed the muffler to provide you with that gain in power and to give you that guaranteed F1 sound. The BMW F80M3/F82M4 iPE titanium exhaust system opens up a whole new driving experience and is something that any passionate BMW driver really should consider getting! The BMW F80M3/F82M4 iPE titanium exhaust system includes a resonated front X pipe, a mid pipe, a Valvetronic muffler, remote control module and a choice of custom exhaust tips.

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  • BMW M4 F82 F83 Performance Tuning Box

    BMW M4 coupe and cabriolet F82 and F83 models, the latest model from the M-Sport stable at BMW… Paramount Performance can now offer a performance tuning solution for your F82 or F83 M4.
    The tuning box from Paramount Performance is a plug and play device that fits to sensors around the engine and offers better response, more power and a boost in performance.

    These are simple to fit either by yourself or by us at our tuning facility in Bidford On Avon taking around 20-30 minutes and offer an instant improvement.

    Not to be confused with cheap offerings on internet auction sites, these devices are bespoke to the vehicle and offer genuine, real world increases in control and performance for your BMW M4.

    30 day Trail: If you are not delighted with your tuning box, simply return it within 30 days for a full refund – drive, test enjoy with peace of mind!      

  • BMW M4 Tuning – Performance Engine Tuning

    BMW M4 Remapping – BMW M4

    BMW M4 sports a great 3-litre, twin-turbocharged straight-six engine that delivers an impressive 425bhp, and a huge amount of torque which peaks at 406lb ft from just 1850rpm. Its nice but what if you more! Paramount Performance, BMW tuning specialists are the guys to help. With a nice straight forward OBD software, your BME M4 tuning can deliver huge results, and blisteringly quick acceleration, its not at all subtle and will have you grinning from ear to ear for months, your cheeks will ache every time you dive

    Fast power delivery is the aim of the tuning, giving a crisp sharp throttle response and much stronger power across the full rev range

    BME M4 tuning is ideally carried out at the Paramount workshop, where your tuning and ecu remapping can be carried out live on the 4×4 roiling road.

    If you have any question regarding our BMW M4 tuning, just drop us a mail, we will be happy to help. Paramount the UK’s BMW tuning specialist



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  • Milltek BMW M4 F82/83 M4 Coupe/Convertible exhaust SSXBM1125

    Milltek BMW M4 F82/83 M4 Coupe/Convertible exhaust SSXBM1125 

    Milltek performance exhaust system for the BMW M4. Stunning stainless steel cat back exhaust for the M4 with GPF/OPF Road, Polished GT-90 Trims. This is an EC Approved exhaust system 

    The Milltek part number for this cat back exhaust system is SSXBM1125

    Milltek quad Polished GT-90 Trims. Paramount are BMW tuning specialists, offering custom and bespoke BVMW perfroamnce upgrades, custom ecu remapping and tuning, BMW gearbox tuning, popping and banging tuning, P code and fault delete, function delete, such as EGR valve, O2 sensor delete, BMW swirl flap delete as well as exhaust systems, de-cat and 200cell cat upgrades. Please mail for details   

    Worldwide shipping and mail order service available  


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