BMW M4 Tuning - Performance Engine Tuning

BMW M4 Tuning - Performance Engine Tuning

BMW M4 Remapping – BMW M4

BMW M4 sports a great 3-litre, twin-turbocharged straight-six engine that delivers an impressive 425bhp, and a huge amount of torque which peaks at 406lb ft from just 1850rpm. Its nice but what if you more! Paramount Performance, BMW tuning specialists are the guys to help. With a nice straight forward OBD software, your BME M4 tuning can deliver huge results, and blisteringly quick acceleration, its not at all subtle and will have you grinning from ear to ear for months, your cheeks will ache every time you dive

Fast power delivery is the aim of the tuning, giving a crisp sharp throttle response and much stronger power across the full rev range

BME M4 tuning is ideally carried out at the Paramount workshop, where your tuning and ecu remapping can be carried out live on the 4x4 roiling road.

If you have any question regarding our BMW M4 tuning, just drop us a mail, we will be happy to help. Paramount the UK’s BMW tuning specialist



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