BMW X6 Tuning

BMW X6 Tuning

BMW X6 Tuning and BMW X6 Remapping - BMW M6 and X6 ECU Remapping for Petrol and Diesel Engines

BMW X6 Performance ECU Remapping – you want a little more power and performance. We can help

Paramount offer a full range of custom and bespoke BME tuning services, we own and drive these cars too ourselves. BMW X6 engine tuning and ECU remapping can deliver really strong results, giving a really nice increase in power and performance, and on the diesel engine versions of the X6, an really nice improvement in MPG and fuel economy. 

In most cases BMW Tuning on the X6 can be carried out through the OBD diagnostic port, so its quick and easy to do, and leaves no trace of the working being carried out. The work is guaranteed and insured and will deliver stunning results.

Paramount also operate a 4x4 rolling road, so if you would like your BMW Tuning carried out on the rolling road, please let us know, this way you can see the full before and after tuning results live. 

Price: 399.00

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