Classic BMW


Classic BMW Restoration Specialist Inspection

Classic BMW Restoration Specialist Inspection

BMW Classic Restoration Inspection Service

If you are lucky enough to own a classic BMW you will want to keep it in the best condition possible, Paramount Classic BMW restoration specialists can undertake all elements of your BMW restoration project, from minor cosmetic repairs, to full nut and bolt restoration.

Work undertaken includes, body and pint work, chrome repair and refinishing, wheels, brakes and suspension. Classic BMW engine rebuilds, gearbox and drive chain, and well as interior woodwork, seats and upholstery.

Special attention will be paid to authenticity, matching seat fabric, carpet and wood work to those of the original car, ensuring maximum value and classic appeal is maintained  

The best place to start your classic BMW restoration is with a full and detailed inspection. Paramount will be delighted to undertake this work for you, giving you a full and detail appraisal, which can be developed into a quote for any or all work to be under taken

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