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Classic Jaguar Restoration

Classic Jaguar Restoration
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If you love your Jaguar but its showing its age a little or perhaps even a lot, don't worry we can help! Bring back the golden age of Jaguar sports cars and restore them for now and the next generation. It is very sad that modern regulations, emission standards and recycling targets means they just done build them like they used to!

Paramount can help you treasure and restore your classic Jaguar for all time. Paramount offer all elements of classic Jaguar restoration, upgrades and refurbishment too.

Paramount's Classic jaguar restoration services includes seats, upholstery, and carpets, bodywork, panel and chassis work.
Paramount will also undertake full mechanical repair, including engine, gearbox, brakes, exhaust and suspension.

Paramount will be delighted to offer a free inspection and review of your classic Jaguar restoration needs, so why not come to see us so we can inspect your Jaguar and discuss requirements, plans and budgets.

Your Jaguar restoration can be a full restoration project, or perhaps a selection of smaller specific repair jobs that help bring you Jaguar back to its former glory

UK wide collection and delivery available

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