ECU Remapping and Car Tuning



Paramount Performance car tuning has developed a range of performance engine tuning and ECU remapping services, which include:

  • ECU tuning
  • ECU programming
  • Chip tuning and ECU mapping / ECU remapping
  • Performance ECU and tuning upgrades
  • Multiple performance tuning approaches, including OBD, flash programmes, BDM remaps, piggy-back units, ECU chip tuning and live ECU remapping
Paramount Performance ECU Tuning & ECU Upgrades

Paramount Performance has an extensive network of car tuning partners and dealers, enabling us to offer a worldwide remap and tuning service.  Paramount Performance also offers home tuning solutions for many vehicles, which are available for shipping worldwide, with a number of different tuning options - for example, performance remapping, economy remapping or our popular blend of performance and economy remap. 

Rolling road tuning enables us to tune vehicles and test them to release maximum BHP, torque and performance with the opportunity to refine and perfect the remaps installed on the vehicle's ECU. The work includes before and after dynamometer (rolling road) runs and print-outs demonstrating exactly what has been achieved from the engine remap tuning we have carried out.

There are a number of different ways to produce more BHP and torque from your engine ECU. These include, but are not limited to:

  • Chip replacement (ECU chipping, car chipping, chip tuning)
  • Flash re-programming (Super chips, star chips, etc)
  • Piggy-back ECU modules
  • Interface ECU modules
  • Custom ECU remapping
  • Live ECU re-programming

We will carry out a diagnostic check and power test on our state-of-the art rolling road, which can power test all vehicles, including all transmission and drive chain configurations. Then we choose the best remapping method to suit your car. After the ECU has been upgraded, your vehicle is then re-run on the rolling road to check power and performance levels, leaving you with a full print out of both before and after read-outs and, most importantly, exactly what has been achieved and how from your ECU upgrade.

Special offers are available for clubs, trade and group bookings for either ECU upgrades or performance power runs. Prices start from just £250 for a car ECU remap or chip tune.

For recent examples of performance our tuning conversions please see the gallery section.

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