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Jaguar F-Type Tuning & Performance Parts


The Jaguar F-Type is one of the world’s ultimate supercars.  Elegant, modern and sporty, the introduction of this beautiful beast revived interest in the Jaguar brand and the Jaguar F-Type is becoming iconic in its own right. 


With Paramount Performance’s extensive history in providing tuning and styling options for Jaguar vehicles, we were very excited to have the opportunity to provide enhancements to the newest Jaguar sports car.  Paramount Performance can supply Jaguar F-Type tuning and Jaguar F-Type ECU remapping to boost the performance, power, and torque of your Jaguar F-Type.


A range of Jaguar F-Type performance parts complement the Jaguar F-Type tuning services, for example, F-Type exhaust systems, F-Type supercharger pulley cranks, F-Type intercoolers and high performance air filters amongst others. 


Paramount Performance can also supply home tuning options for the Jaguar F-Type, which are plug-in devices for customers to upload F-Type tuning files to their vehicle themselves, wherever they are in the world.

Jaguar F Type 670bhp VIP Design Predator

Fast - just got faster. For the first time ever, Paramount can now offer the VIP Design, Jaguar F Type 670bhp Predator, the fastest Jaguar F Type conversion package available anywhere.

As you would expect there are options and choices with this package - so it’s POA  - this item here in the Paramount shop is just your initial consultation, which of course is free of charge.  

Please mail us if you would like more information on the very finest and very fastest Jaguar F Type tuning package available.  

Mail order and international enquiries welcome 


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Fighter Jet Exhaust Trim - Get the After Burner exhaust tip look at Paramount

Make a statement with these great exhaust tips and trims, available as singles, but look amazing as a quad exhaust system, our fighter jet trims are based on a 60mm exhaust pipe size. Price is per single fighter jet after burner exhaust tip, bulk order and trade sales available - please mail us for details  

They look great on the Jaguar F type which is what we originally fitted them to on our high performance replacement exhaust - the look is amazing. Please be aware on some cars due to the width of the trims the stock exhaust will have to be modified if there are two trims side by side, this is the case with the stock Jaguar F Type system, - please mail us if you need any help   

Price: 95.00

Jaguar F Type Rear Light Tinting Service

Jaguar Light Tinting: No longer the territory of the 1990’s boy racer, rear light tinting when professionally done can add a really cool and smart look to the rear of your Jaguar. The Jaguar light tinting can be applied in a number of layers, giving you the choice of darkness to you tint, from light smoke to black, the choice is yours. Totally reversible, the tint we use can be removed at any time with no lasting effect or damage to the light unit, giving the next owner the choice to keep it or revert to boring stock.

Due to the need to apply the light tint directly to the vehicle, this product is not available mail order, but only in our Jaguar service and maintenance workshop in the Uk

Price: 120.00

Jaguar F-Type Air Filters - High Performance Air Filter Kit.

Fits both 3.0 and 5.0 F -Type engines and includes both left and right hand filters.

Increase air flow and performance from your Jaguar F-Type with this air filter kit from paramount performance.

Fit right and fit once, this is the last filter you will ever need to purchase.

Covered by a ONE MILLION MILE warranty.

Price: 140.00

Out of stock

Jaguar F Type Carbon Fibre Side Vents

Transform your Jaguar F Type side vents from boring to stunning in an instance, these real carbon fiver vent covers fit over the standard covers to leave you with a real carbon fibre vent finish, easy to fit and look great Paramount can supply a huge range of jaguar tuning and styling parts and service, offering UK fitting and mail order services If you are looking to boost your Jaguars style and add a little performance too the service team will be happy to help

Price: 165.00

Jaguar F Type Carbon Fibre Wing Mirror Covers - Real Carbon Fibre

Jaguar F Type Carbon Fibre Wing Mirror Covers, these real carbon fibre wing mirror covers look great, but dont come with the cost of full replacemnet Jaguar F Type carbon fibre wing mirrors, but once fitted you cat tell the difference.

Our Jaguar F Type carbon fibre Wing mirror covers can either be stuck on with strong weather proof tape, of better still glued into place using bonding resin used for body parts or car windscreens, please ask for advice if you are unsure.

Paramount - Jaguar F Type Tuning and Styling

     can either be stuck on 


    , ,   

Price: 175.00

Jaguar F Type Carbon Fibre Front Wing Fin - Jaguar F Type Styling

The Jaguar F Type Carbon Fibre Front Wing Fin is super stylish, sublet and yet cheekey - if you dont want to go too bling, the Jaguar F Type Carbon Fibre Front Wing Fin is just the place to start, made from real and high gloss finished carbon fibre. The Jaguar F Type Carbon Fibre Front Wing Fins are really easy to fit, they simply cres on, using the exact same fittings as the standard plastic trim

Other Jaguar F Type carbon fibre parts are available, international mail order, shipping and tax free sales are available - mail us now for details

Price: 280.00

Jaguar F Type Carbon Fibre Wheel Arch Extension - Jaguar F Type Styling

Cheeky, fun and stylish, Jaguar F Type Carbon Fibre wheel arch extensions. If you are looking for a subtle but sporty upgrade for your Jaguar these wheel arch extensions are just the ticket. The Paramount Jaguar F Type carbon fibre wheel arch extensions are really easy to fit, and suitable for home fitting, using the original mounts that are already in place.

Giving and instant smile and satisfaction score on the doors. Modified, carbon fibre, shiny but not too in your face. You have to marvel as how the little things can make all the difference.

The Paramount Jaguar F Type carbon fibre wheel arch extensions are manufactured from real carbon fibre and finished in a high gloss.

Go on treat yourself …..  

Price: 280.00

Jaguar F-Type 3.0 Supercharger Pulley – Upgraded supercharger pulley for the Jaguar F-Type 3.0 engine

This Jaguar F-Type 3.0 Supercharger Pulley  improves throttle response and midrange power by up to 24bhp. This Jaguar F-Type 3.0 Supercharger Pulley  will bring your F-Type to life.

Paramount Performance use the very latest aircraft grade materials to manufacture our F Type 3.0 super charger pulley upgrades. We also offer a Jaguar F Type supercharger pulley fitting and tuning service and well as international mail order, and tax free sales. 

Our Jaguar F Type 3.0 supercharger pulley can form part of a much larger tuning package - ask now how we can turn your Jaguar F type into a supercar intimidator!  

Price: 299.00

Jaguar F-Type 5.0 Supercharger Pulley – Upgraded supercharger pulley Jaguar F-Type for the 5.0 engine

Dramatically improves throttle response and midrange power by up to 28bhp. This supercharger pulley will bring your Jaguar F-Type to life. Paramount were the first to adopt and develop the new style of Jaguar F-Type supercharger Pulley, unlike the lower expensive and cumbersome lower supercharger pulleys, the upper smaller supercharger pulley does not require an alternative pulley belt meaning the Paramount Jaguar F-Type supercharger pulley is low maintenance and less obviously changed from stock.

Paramount Performance use the latest hard anodized aircraft grade materials for our F Type pulley upgrades. Jaguar F Type supercharger pulley fitting service and tuning available, as well as mail order sales  

Why not have our skilled engineers fit your pulley in our workshop in the heart of England on the Warwickshire/ Worcestershire border and finish the upgrade with a full custom remap.

This Jaguar F Type supercharger pulley forms part of our F Type 600bhp tuning package - ask now how we can turn your Jaguar F type into a supercar intimidator!  

Price: 299.00

Jaguar F-Type   Luxury Custom Tailored Indoor Car Cover  Jaguar F-Type     


The ultimate treat for your Jaguar F-Type, keep your Jaguar F-Type snug and warm this winder is one of our Jaguar F-Type custom car covers, choose your colour, piping, and logos to match your F-Type.

UK manufactured, fully bespoke indoor Jaguar F-Type car cover. Our custom made Jaguar indoor car covers are each individually hand made to order for each specific customer and their Jaguar F-Type 

These luxury Jaguar F-Type car covers are the finest you can buy, manufactured from a thick cotton acrylic with a soft protective fleecy inner

Piping can be added, as can a Jaguar logo on the hood if required, comes complete with its own storage and carry bag.

The indoor Jaguar F-Type car covers are fully breathable, very soft and are available in choice of 20 colours for the cover and piping – please specify your choice when ordering.

The picture shown of the Jaguar F-Type  car cover is just for illustration, each custom car cover is specifically tailored to fit your pride and joy snugly and unique to you and your Jaguar F-Type  Worldwide mail order available. If you have any questions please let us know, you can mail us 

Price: 299.00

Jaguar F Type Roof opener remote control – Press button F-Type roof remote open / close

Open your Jaguar F -Type roof at the press of a button,  with this great gadget you can make your Jaguar F-Type roof remote control, thats right, don’t  sit around waiting for your roof to open, click and open your roof at the press of a button.

Our Jaguar F-Type r oof opener comes with full instructions, and takes around 45 minutes to install. Fitting and install service is also available if required.

This Jaguar  F-Type roof opener adds fun and convenience to the ownership experience of a convertible, its also handy for saving time as you approach the vehicle. And, what better way to find your car in a busy car park   

For the Jaguar driver with everything – the ultimate in gadgets!      

Price: 310.00

Jaguar F Type Carbon Fibre Front Bumper Section - Jaguar F Type Styling

Our carbon fibre Jaguar F Type front bumper section, is stylish and yet subtle, high quality carbon fibre finished in high gloss. The quality is such that it looks factory finish and the carbon weave will match any factory carbon fibre items you already have fitted

The Jaguar F Type centre bumper sections can be changed on its own, or the centre can form part of a set of 3 items by adding the outer wing fins shown in the picture. The Jaguar F Type Carbon Fibre Front bumper centre is easy to fit, using the exact same fittings as the standard plastic trim

Other Jaguar F Type carbon fibre parts are available, international mail order, shipping and tax free sales are available - mail us now for details

Price: 360.00

One-piece Jaguar F-Type Front Grille - F Type Project Predator Full Open Grille and Surround 

Project Predator one-piece Jaguar F-Type front centre grill, fits all Jaguar F Type models, giving a much meaner cleaner look, loose that number plate and mid beam with the Paramount Performance Jaguar F-Type front grille.  This item replaces the standard grille with a one-piece item that uses the same standard factory fittings. Please be aware the bumper does have to be removed to fit this grille which is not really a fit at home job.

Fitting is not difficult and can be completed in around 3 hrs by any competent mechanic or body shop, but our one-piece Jaguar F-Type front grille is not ideal for home fitting unless you are confident around cars. The grille is supplied in matt plastic as it comes out of the mould, it can be fitted like this, but really this item should be painted before fitting for a complete finished look. Again, this really would be a body shop fit.

This one piece Jaguar F-Type front grille is made by Paramount, exclusively for Paramount, fitting can be carried out at our workshop in the UK, or we can arrange door to door shipping worldwide (tax free subject to location) There can be up to a 4 week delivery time for this item

Price: 380.00

Out of stock

Jaguar F-Type 2.0 Tuning and Remapping

Trust paramount to tune your lovely 2.0 Jaguar F-Type - Paramount, the UK’s longest and most establish Jaguar tuning company offer custom bespoke and dyno proven Jaguar F Type 2.0 tuning.  P300 tuning.

Safe reliable and insurance backed jaguar tuning, join is live on the dyno while we tune your Jaguar 2.0 turbo, (P300) , setting it up for a perfect blend of power, throttle response and midrange pull, adding up to 45bhp and 72Nm or torque

Paramount use the latest car tuning and remap software and our dedicated team of car tuning engineers have years of experience working on Jaguar’s, we can write your new software live talking you step by step through the changes  we make and the testing both before and after the tuning

Paramount Performance the home for all your Jaguar F-Type tuning and performance parts  

Price: 450.00

Jaguar F Type Lowered Suspension Springs - tougher 30mm lower suspension Jaguar F Type 

Set of 4 Jaguar Lower suspension springs, increasing handling and giving more poise and stance on the road, these Jaguar F Type lower suspension springs are suitable for the 2WD Jaguar F Type and the AWD Jaguar F Type. Jaguar F Type lowering springs are available mail order for worldwide shipping, or e offer a full fitting service – please ask for details.

30mm lower jaguar F-Type suspension springs are also available for the 2WD F Type

Price: 480.00

Jaguar F-Type lowering springs - set of 4 x 30mm lowering kit for the F Type

Instantly better looking, the Paramount Performance Jaguar F Type lowering springs lower the F Type by 30mm, but not only will she sit lower, the Jaguar F-Type lowering springs are firmer, meaning cornering and road holding is improved – giving a much more meaningful and poised ride.

Paramount have been fitting and upgrades Jaguar suspension since the mid 1980’s we know these cars and we understand the small changes that are needed to take them to the next level without going over the top and spoiling the ride and quality Jaguar have worked hard to deliver. Its about evolution of the current stock set up – not boy racer ego lowering.     

Jaguar F Type lowering springs are available mail order with international shipping or of course our Jaguar F Type lowering kit can be fitted at our Uk based workshop, please contact us for a quote.

Price: 480.00

Jaguar F-Type Cold Air Induction Kit - High Performance Air Filter Kit.

Take your Jaguar F Type air filter to the next level, this Jaguar F-Type Cold Air Induction kit fits both 3.0 and 5.0 F -Type engines and includes both left and right hand induction pipes and filters 

Increase the cold air flow and hence performance from your Jaguar F-Type with this cold air induction filter kit. This Jaguar F-Type Cold Air Induction kit is not prone to sucking up water like some available, and unlike all other Jaguar F-Type Cold Air Induction kits we have tested, this will boost BHP and performance by 8-10BHP, also adding a great addictive air intake noise

Comes with lifte time filter kit too, so it never needs to be changed at service time, simply cleaned

Full fitting service is available at our workshops, please ask for details, worldwide mail order service available  

Makes a really good addition to your Jaguar F Type remap and supercharger upgrade  

Price: 495.00

Jaguar Burble Pop and Bang Tuning

Want more exhaust tone from your Jaguar, more burble on over run and more rumble? Amazingly this can now be software installed, yep that’s right, download and install more burble, and a more aggressive exhaust tone on overrun and more popping abd banging – sometimes known as anti-lag tuning and remapping

The software can be installed at our workshops or in most cases can be loaded onto our driver operated tuning device so you can tune your own car at home any time

The Paramount burble pop and bang tuning can also be combined with other tunes and remapping, for example, you can add a de-cat software configuration, MAX Power tuning, modification tuning, air indication, or super charger upgrades software for example – everything is possible and can be combined to give you your own unique software set up – is it burble-Oclock already ?

Price: 499.00

Jaguar F Type Water Methanol Injection Kit

Jaguar F Type Water Methanol Injection Kit, so we have all seen The Fast and the Furious movie, push the nitro button and POW! super crazy power time – well that’s not this kit! That’s not how it works. But what this Jaguar F Type Water Methanol Injection Kit will give is serious stable usable power and performance day in day out.

Jaguar F Type Water Methanol Injection system is suitable both for the V6 and V8 F Type The idea is well proven at tested, add a fine mist of water mixed with methanol into the inlet system, the water methanol mix evaporates, cooling the air intake temperature just before the supercharger compresses it – the result much cooler denser air entering your engine, giving a bigger bang for your combustion and hence more power.

This Jaguar F Type Water Methanol Injection Kit is the very latest state of the art progressive system, sold here on a supply only basis, fitting is relatively straight forward and the tech guys and support UK line are on hand to help with any fitting questions if required.

Alternatively Paramount can offer a full Jaguar F Type Water Methanol Injection fitting service, including installation, before and after dyno testing and owner familiarisation – as well as ongoing top up service if required

Price: 499.00

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