Fuel Economy

Performance Diesel Economy Tuning and Fuel Economy Tuning  

Diesel engines are particularly tuneable for increases in economy, power tuning and MPG tuning. Diesel tuning boxes can be very useful for a number of applications, but tuning boxes are particularly useful where easy installation is required, or where dyno testing and dyno tuning may not be suitable, i.e. commercial tuning, HGV tuning, lorry, tractor tuning and van tuning.

TParamount can supply a range of diesel products, including:

  • Tuning boxes
  • TDi tuning boxes
  • Programmable diesel tuning boxes (DPT)
  • Piggy back diesel power tuning boxes
  • Tunit diesel units
  • Digital pd tuning boxes
  • Rapid tuning solutions
  • Plug and play performance tuning boxes
  • ECU remapping especially aimed at MPG tuning
  • Fuel reduction tuning
  • Engine economy tuning (Engine chipping fuel economy)
  • 4x4 tuning (Range Rover tuning specialists)
  • Taxi economy tuning
  • Van and commercial vehicles tuning

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