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Lamborghini Adventador exhaust system iPE LP-750 SV Titanium in Gold  

This Lamborghini Adventador exhaust system sounds as good as it looks. The iPE LP-750 SV Titanium Gold Exhaust system starts as the subject to a rigorous series of polishing, 8 in total! Starting with a rough polish gradually moving to a gentler one, which is needed to bring out that exquisite gold oxide layer on the pipe. The next step involves wiping the pipe with organic liquid, which is necessary to give it that golden shine to make it show off.

The pipes are then carefully heated for around 30 minutes before being welded into the exhaust system. The whole system includes the Lamborghini Adventador LP-750-4 SV with a cat-bypass pipe, a heat protector along with a Valvetronic Muffler, a remote control module and custom exhaust tips.

Fitting service and worldwide mail order also available 

Price: £9995.00


Lamborghini Aventador De-Cat Exhaust Pipes


Lamborghini Aventador Decat pipes and cat delete pipes, these Aventador cat delete pipes are from IPE, manufactured in high grades stainless steel as standard, but also available in Titanium for a small additional cost 

The IPE stainless steel Lamborghini Aventador De-cat and cat-bypass pipes also come standard with heat protection, full fitting service and mails order service ( tax free subject to your location is also available from Pararmount

The Lamborghini Aventador exhaust system and de-cat pipes are available from the Paramount Performance store now with around 4 weeks delivery. UK fitting service, tuning and worldwide shipping (tax free subject to locations) available, mail us now for details or questions.  

Price: £2200.00


IPE Lamborghini Aventador Exhaust system


The Lamborghini Aventador exhaust system from IPE, This IPE Aventador Exhaust system  comes with “valvetronic” technology offers a sophisticated Aventador performance exhaust system that delivers both power and dynamic valve control to the drive.

The full Lamborghini Aventador exhaust system includes the remote control capability to command 3 different modes: open, closed, and auto. In open mode, the Lamborghini Aventador exhaust system valves are fully open for maximum flow and power, creating an exotic tone. When the Lamborghini Aventador exhaust system valves are closed, volume is reduced for a more low-profile, comfortable drive. The auto mode enables the Lamborghini Aventador exhaust system to detect the engine RPM and throttle to automatically adjust the valve movements.

The IPE Lamborghini Aventador exhaust system is supplied here in stainless steel, but it is also available in Titanium too for an additional cost, if you would like more information please drop us a mail, we can also arrange tax free and international sales subject to your location as well as a full UK based fitting service .

Price: £5100.00


Lamborghini Aventador Exhaust system and de-cat delete pipes  


The complete package, the IPE Lamborghini Aventador exhaust system  and De-cat pipes together, the ultimate is great sound, control and performance, 

The Lamborghini Aventador exhaust still has the remote control valves with the 3 different modes, but alos includes the decat pipes for added performance and exhaust tone. Again these parts are available standard in Stainless steel, but for the best weight reduction possible, they are also available in Titanium : 

The Lamborghini Aventador exhaust systems and de-cat pipes can be combined with tuning and ecu remapping, full fitting and tuning service is available in the UK, and our exhaust systems can be sent mail order around the world, please contact us with any questions 

Price: £7100.00

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