Jaguar F Type


Jaguar Burble Pop and Bang Tuning

Jaguar Burble Pop and Bang Tuning

Jaguar Burble Pop and Bang Tuning

Want more exhaust tone from your Jaguar, more burble on over run and more rumble? Amazingly this can now be software installed, yep that’s right, download and install more burble, and a more aggressive exhaust tone on overrun and more popping abd banging – sometimes known as anti-lag tuning and remapping

The software can be installed at our workshops or in most cases can be loaded onto our driver operated tuning device so you can tune your own car at home any time

The Paramount burble pop and bang tuning can also be combined with other tunes and remapping, for example, you can add a de-cat software configuration, MAX Power tuning, modification tuning, air indication, or super charger upgrades software for example – everything is possible and can be combined to give you your own unique software set up – is it burble-Oclock already ?

Price: 499.00

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