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Jaguar Carbon Fibre Car Wheels - Y7

Jaguar Carbon Fibre Car Wheels - Y7

Jaguar Carbon Fibre Car Wheels Y7

The very finest in Jaguar wheel upgrades, carbon fibre super light weight, super strong carbon fibre wheels. Available for all Jaguar models. An all carbon fibre wheel drum, that is both stunning to look and at drive. These carbon fibre hybrid wheels have a number advantages over common alloy wheels and they look amazing too. Up to 40% lighter than most aluminium wheels, and up to 25% lighter than stock Jaguar alloy wheels.

If you seek the finest wheels money can buy, these carbon fibre wheels are for you.  Available in a choice of colours and 2 different designs – mail us now for perfection

Worldwide mail order, tax free sales subject to location - price is per set of 4 

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