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Jaguar F Type 5.0 Tuning Home tuning

Jaguar F Type 5.0 Tuning  Home tuning

Jaguar F Type Tuning – Home tuning and mail order tuning system

Paramount Performance already have an amazing range of Jaguar F Type 5.0 tuning and ecu remapping, but we appreciate depending on where you are you may not be able to get to us or one of our dealers

And so now we can tune your vehicle where ever you are! – our brand new driver operated Jaguar tuning system enables you to plug in where ever you are in the world and upload a custom and bespoke Jaguar F Type 5.0 tuning file direct to your car..

The Jaguar F Type 5.0 tuning is very effective offering up to 40bhp on the supercharged versions, and huge pulling power.

Throttle response and midrange power is dramatically improved – it's not subtle and is suitable for the Jaguar F Type and F - Type R models. Jaguar F Type 5.0 mail order tuning with worldwide shipping is now a reality, and we can adjust your Jaguar F Type 5.0 tuning for modifications, like our Jaguar 5.0 super charger pulley, 200 cells cats, or Jaguar F Type exhaust system, and also your fuel grade or location too.

Paramount tuning options can deliver up to and above 600BHP, if you feel the need for a little more speed, please ask for more details 

Price: 599.00

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