Jaguar F Type


Jaguar F Type V6 Carbon Fiber Rear Diffuser

Jaguar F Type V6 Carbon Fiber Rear Diffuser

Jaguar F Type V6 Carbon Fiber Rear Diffuser V6 – Jaguar F Type Styling

New and hot out of the mold is the Paramount Jaguar V6 F-Type carbon fiber rear diffuser, The F-Type V6 carbon fiber rear diffuser looks really stunning, its made from full and real carbon fiber and it matches the standard jaguar carbon Fiber really well, giving a factory look and finish. The Paramount Jaguar F Type V6 rear diffuser is finished in high gloss lacquer so it really stands out.

Like most of Paramounts tuning and styling parts our Jaguar F Type V6 carbon fiber rear diffuser is available mail order and shipped worldwide, this can also be tax free subject to your location, or you can have the Paramount Jaguar F Type V6 Caron Fiber rear diffuser fitted at our UK workshop.

Other Jaguar F Type V6 engine tuning, performance and styling parts and carbon fiber parts are available - mail us now for details

Price: 995.00

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