Jaguar F Type


Jaguar F Type Charge Cooler Intercooler V8

Jaguar F Type Charge Cooler Intercooler V8

Jaguar F Type Charge Cooler, Super cool you Jaguar F-Type Supercharger for super-fast performance


This very high-quality hand-built Jaguar F Type charge cooler decreases supercharger temperatures, increasing air density in the intake system and combustion chamber, boosting performance and power delivery for your Jaguar F Type tuning.


The Jaguar F Type charger cooler is available for the V8 2-wheel drive and the AWD, but they are different, so please confirm your model when ordering. These stunning Jaguar F Type Charge Coolers are handmade in the Uk and do take around 2 weeks to manufacture, please be patient – perfection can take a little while to deliver – but will really deliver the power once fitted - mail order and international sales welcome


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Price: 995.00

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