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Jaguar F Type Side Skirts, Carbon Fibre (Style 1)

Jaguar F Type Side Skirts, Carbon Fibre (Style 1)

Jaguar F Type Side Skirts - Carbon Fibre Jaguar F -Type Side Skirts (style 1)

Supplied ready to fit, our stunning high gloss Jaguar F Type side skirts and body kit, made from real carbon fibre. These Jaguar F -Type carbon fibre side skirts are suitable for Jaguar F types that either don’t have any side sills at all, or have the slimmer standard side sills. These carbon fibre side skirts fit underneath the standard part which remains in place. Fitting is not complicated, but is not really a do at home job, and so is best carried out by a mechanic or bodyshop

If you have a Jaguar F Type R with the later wider factor plastic side sills, we have a second style of F Type carbon fibre side skirt that replaced the standard plastic part with a high quality carbon fibre wider side sill, please see Jaguar F Type Carbon Fibre side sill (style 2)

Our Jaguar F Type Carbon Fibre side sills and bodykits are available mails order with worldwide shipping, which can be tax free.  Or in the UK we can offer full supply and fitting.

Please e-mail us if you have any questions 

Price: 750.00

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