Jaguar F Type


Jaguar F Type V8 Supercharger Crank Pulley

Jaguar F Type V8 Supercharger Crank Pulley

Jaguar F Type V8 Supercharger Crank Pulley – 15% Larger F Type Supercharger Pulley Kit


Unique and exclusively available from Paramount Jaguar F Type V8 Supercharger pulley crank, a 15% larger F Type V8 Supercharger pulley kit to boost your F-Type performance.


Beautifully machined and balanced this larger Jaguar F Type supercharger pulley will fit both the V8 and the V6 engine.


This Jaguar F TypeV8 Supercharger crank pulley will boost performance very nicely together with our tuning software, However, if you are on the quest for power, our Jaguar F Type Supercharger crank pulley can form part of the ultimate tuning package for your F-Type. It also forms part of the totally exclusive VIP Design Jaguar F Type 650bhp conversion, the Predator F-Type


Please be aware this Jaguar F Type V8 crank pulley cannot be fitted in Isolation, due to the additional airflow created, the vehicles ECU must be tuned (with our software) to match fuelling and our unique Jaguar F –Type charge cooler must be fitted to control air temperatures, combined these items will deliver guaranteed thrills 


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