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Jaguar F-Type V6 Exhaust System -not valve control

Jaguar F-Type V6 Exhaust System -not valve control

Jaguar F-Type Exhaust System – High performance F-Type exhaust system for the V6 Engine without valve control

The standard Jaguar F- Type exhaust system is ok, it a pretty good sound in fact, many of our customers are just looking for a little more though. So for those customer who would like to really turn heads with their Jaguar F-Type V6 exhaust system – we have just the thing a replacement large bore Jaguar F Type exhaust system for your V6 3.0

Our Jaguar F–Type exhaust system comes in at 116db, this sports exhaust system offers your F-Type – great performance, great looks – and an Amazing sound too - this is a none valvel control exhaust, meaning the full sound is open for your delight at all times

Our Jaguar F Type exhaust system can be shipped mail order worldwide mail order or we can arrange fitting depending on your location. Jaguar F-Type exhaust System in stock now.

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Price: 1350.00

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