Jaguar F Type


Jaguar F Type V6 Supercharger Crank Pulley

Jaguar F Type V6 Supercharger Crank Pulley

Jaguar F Type V6 Supercharger Crank Pulley – Larger F Type V6 Supercharger Pulley Kit

All new and exclusively available from Paramount in our Jaguar F Type V6 Supercharger crank pulley. The Paramount F-Type V6 crank pulley is 15% larger that the stock F Type Supercharger pulley, hence boosting air intake pressures and performance across the whole rev range of for F-type

Paramount supply a complete Jaguar F type V6 crank pulley kit, including belts and idle pulleys, the kit can be supplied and fitted at our Uk workshops, or we offer worldwide shipping, which can be tax free to subject to your location. If you would like us to fit your new Jaguar F Type V6 crank pulley, please drop us a mail so we can arrange a quote for you. the work can include Jaguar F Type V6 tuning and remapping as well as custom dyno tuning before and after intent

Please note our Jaguar F Type V6 lower crank pulley should not be fitted on its own, the increased air flow and intake pressures will mean the ecu must be tuned (with our remapped software) so fuelling is matched to the new air-intake flow, we also suggest the  Paramount Jaguar F –Type V6 charge cooler is fitted to keep the supercharger temperatures levels.  

Call us for more information on your Jaguar F-Type V6 tuning or send us a mail to    


Price: 1250.00

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