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Jaguar F Type V6 Tuning Package - 495bhp

Jaguar F Type V6 Tuning Package - 495bhp

Jaguar F Type V6 Tuning Package - VIP Design 495bhp Jaguar F Type 

The Limited edition VIP Design Jaguar F Type V6 Tuning package - performance only

Jaguar V6 495 tuning package - The ultimate Jaguar F Type V6 tuning package, this item is mail order and can be sent anywhere - and tax free too subject to location. 

The Jaguar V6 tuning paclkage, Including, upper and lower supercharger pulley package, taking the Easton supercharger to 17,600rpm, performance air filters, larger supercharger charge cooler, (33% larger)  and unique specially developed and testing VIP 495 tuning software and remapping.

Jaguar V6 Tuning package includes our driver operate tuning uploader, so you can tune, and change the tune as often as you like from home If you would like your Jaguar V6 tuning package fitted we can arrange this for you at our workshops too - please e-mail for details Jaguar F-type tuning and styling just got real!

Price: 3193.00

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